Lessons from my Dad:


I wanted to share a couple of things my Dad always taught me growing up. I believe they shaped who I am. And I am thankful for that.

One thing that comes to mind right away is that Dad would always tell me what a “prize” I was.

He would always say, “A man should be willing to crawl over broken glass to get to you”.

He would constantly tell us girls, myself and three younger sisters, that we were so incredibly valuable. He would tell us to remain pure and to value ourself the way Christ does.

I never thought anything about this but when I talk or counsel with young girls sometimes I wonder if they were ever told how incredibly valuable they are. I wonder if they realize the value the Heavenly Father has for them. I wonder if anyone has ever told them how valuable they really are.

As I think over my shaping forming years I think of my Dad constantly telling his daughters what a valuable prize we are and to remember that in this world.

I believe that lesson was so valuable. I took it as normal.
But it wasn’t. It’s so important to communicate to your daughters their great worth. I strongly believe that it has helped me to make choices that were wise. {Even though I had my share of unwise!} And I thank God for the man He led me to today.

Thank you, Dad. Thank you for so clearly communicating to your daughters how valuable we really are. I can still hear your voice say, “You are a PRIZE Holly.” And I can still hear you saying that to my sisters. I love you. Thank you.

Summer Homemaking: Salsa!

I love salsa. Not just the dance! 😉 Though that would be oh so fun to do….

ANYWAY…. Tonight I thought I would make one of my favorite things to eat. At the beginning of this summer, I was at a loss. I thought summer cooking won’t be nearly as fun as fall. Well I was wrong! I love summery, fresh, fun recipes and this was a fun one! Pulled straight from Pinterest, of course.

I really love Pico De Gallo salsa. So I looked up a recipe and I thought I would share it here with you guys! Here it is;
Cilantro, stems of 5
Lime, juice of 1
Red onion 1/2
Tomatoes 3
Kosher salt 1/4 tsp

Finally chop cilantro add to chopped onions and tomatoes.
Carefully stir in salt and squeeze lime juice over top!
Refrigerate for an hour to marinade. Or taste test first and it will hardly make it to your fridge. But it is in there now. Waiting for my Jesse August to come home.

Simple but fun!

Fresh cilantro smells fill my kitchen. Happy summer homemaking!


The perfectly {chipped} “Wifey”


So this last week God reminded me I am not the perfect wife. As much as I want to be right out of walking down the aisle. When I realized this I went to the Word.

Two things God showed me last week that I believe has helped me already immensely.

1. I am created to be his helpmeet. Genesis 2:18
2. I need to outwardly respect his thoughts, convictions, insights. 1 Peter 3:1

I realized that I am to be his helper! Look for ways to roll up my sleeves and help him. Not get my job done and leave, but help him. Ask how I can help. Work alongside him. That’s a beautiful picture. Watching a couple work alongside of each other. Together toward a goal.

Last week I asked my husbands opinion. As soon as he gave me his thoughts I immediately got defensive. I tried to show him how I was right. Instead of outwardly showing how much I respect his opinion. He doesn’t need my loving sweet words as much as he needs my respect of his VERY insightful words. I respect my husbands opinion so very much that when he has words of even gentle correction I am super defensive. And so he doesn’t feel respected. Even though I respect him so very much!

I chipped my perfect “wifey” coffee mug. So that made me sad. So when I took this picture I wanted to hide the chip I put into my mug. Ah but now it is my reminder.

I thank God for His perfecting work in me. I pray that God will continue to help me. And though my perfect “wifey” mug is now chipped it reminds me every-time I use it that I am not perfect. I am broken. But with the help of Gods Word I CAN be who He wants me to be! And that’s hopeful. My husband is not perfect either. He is broken. He will hurt me. Even as I write I think of women who have been deeply hurt by their husbands. Good, godly husbands – hurt. Because they too are broken.

I commit myself to the fight. I want to fight for us. All of my life. I have never been so willing to fight for something in my life. Than the best love life I can have with my husband.

Just Mom and Me

imageI remember a beautiful day back in the summer of my childhood. I was probably around ten years old that summer. We lived in the back country roads of Ohio. This particular day was a gorgeous, beautiful day. We had gone to a farm and gotten a ton of fresh strawberries. My mom was cleaning them in the kitchen of the big farmhouse that we lived in.
All I remember is mom getting in the car handing me a fresh bowl of strawberries to hold. They had been cleaned, cut and had a little sugar on top. We drove down the road and I was holding the very fresh, ripe, red strawberries. I was the only one around at that time I have no idea where all the kids were. They were probably all with Dad at the little country church Dad pastored down the road or a hometown baseball game in town. It was just mom and me. We drove down the country road in Ohio the grassy fields were waving in the wind the beautiful sun was shining so beautiful that day, I remember so vividly.

My mom pulled into our neighbors house. I said, “Mom, what are you doing?” My mom quietly got out of the car and said “I am going to give these to our neighbor”. She ran up to the doorstep. The older lady came to the door and they talked then mom came back to the car with the strawberries. She handed the bowl back to me. I still remember the old country white ceramic bowl with the French blue country heart in the bottom. My mom normally had displayed in a hutch in the old farmhouse. She said that the older lady had allergies and was so grateful but she couldn’t eat them. I said, “Mom can I eat them!” She said, “Sure”. So as we drove along those back country roads I ate and ate those fresh strawberries until they were gone. They were the best strawberries I had ever had. They were the fruit of my moms gracious, simple, kind act of love to our widowed neighbor on that gorgeous summer day.

I don’t think anyone ever knew about that simple gesture my mom did that day. But I never forgot it. Thank you Mom for living life with me and loving not with just words but with good deeds. And I just LOVED those fresh strawberries.